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For jobseekers looking for 단기알바 part-time work, the positions listed below are not only good-paying, they also provide potential job stability and growth in the future. While many employers offer benefits only to full-time employees, there are a few part-time positions offering benefits across almost all industries. Many companies are looking for part-time employees, whether it is for seasonal assistance in busy months, as-needed freelance and consulting support, or for regular assistance year-round.

Not every business can afford full-time programming staff, so they choose to employ freelancers on an individual basis. Many smaller businesses cannot afford to hire full-time bookkeepers, and need part-timers to keep the books.

Many larger companies are now hiring part-time customer support agents, making it an excellent option for someone looking for a part-time, at-home job. Based out of San Francisco, CA, Williams-Sonoma has offered freelance, temp, part-time, hybrid, and full-time remote jobs in areas such as arts & creative, marketing, customer service, retail, and manufacturing. Based in Englewood, Colorado, Varsity Tutors has hired part-time and full-time, hybrid and fully remote jobs, some with flexible schedules, in fields such as customer service, computers and IT, consulting and marketing.

Not only does United Parcel Service routinely hire for seasonal and part-time jobs, it offers comprehensive benefits for these employees, which, besides health and dental coverage, includes tuition assistance. Taking part-time jobs at the United Parcel Service means you are eligible to receive the Federal Employees Benefits Programs health benefits fully. As a part-time employee working 20 hours a week with them, you and your dependents will be eligible to receive health, dental, and vision insurance coverage.

Part-time jobs that provide benefits generally require fewer than 40 hours per week and provide some combination of medical, vision or dental coverage. The number of hours worked per week in order to be eligible for benefits vary according to company policies. Employees working at least 20 hours per week are eligible for certain benefits, whereas employees working at least 30 hours per week are eligible for this self-service moving companies comprehensive benefits package.

A true employee-friendly company, this specialty retailer offers benefits to employees who work fewer than 20 hours a week. Part-timers working at this fun, eclectic shop are eligible for a limited benefits plan focused on preventive care and wellness. You can work a variety of roles as a part-timer, and you get employee discounts on your grocery purchases at Costco when you work up to 20 hours a week.

While some benefits, such as discounts to store merchandise, are effective on the first day as a part-time associate with Chicos FAS, Inc., you will be eligible to advance after 60 days of employment. Additionally, Amazon offers an extensive benefits package for all regular, full-time employees, including medical coverage starting from an employees first day on the job, 401(k) plan with company matching, up to 20 weeks paid leave for new parents, free mental health support, access to subsidised skills training opportunities, and more. Along with basic compensation, Starbucks offers its part-time employees bonuses and health insurance, which includes life insurance, disability, and accident coverage, as well as a variety of medical, dental, and vision plans.

Glassdoor has an excellent jobs board, but most opportunities require a bachelors degree (and many are part-time). The nature of bartending is that it fits around your college schedule, and pays very good hourly wages, making it one of the easiest, best-paying part-time jobs for college students. Part-time jobs are one of the best ways to pay back student loans and make a little extra cash.

Student Union jobs are the obvious choice, since you get to see your friends while earning a little bit of cash (although it may also be a bit painful if you are desperately trying to get into the perks!). Working part-time jobs when you are in college is a good way to build up your CV, meet new people, and (most importantly) rake in some extra cash. Working as a fitness instructor is an excellent job for someone with an enthusiasm for fitness, or someone who is sitting at their full-time job all day long and wants to offset the effects of this sedentary lifestyle.

There are designers that work for one company full time, but there is great earning potential in freelancing for those willing to seek out additional side gigs. The best part of this type of work is that there is loads of variety in the jobs you take, you get to meet lots of new faces, and the pay is quite decent. The hours can be quite long and often you will be asked to work at fairly short notice, but depending on the job, you can make a little more than PS80 per day.

You will have to earn a certificate first, and should only put in the time and money to do so if you are looking for a second, long-term job. UHG specializes in healthcare coverage, so if you are looking to get into an accounting- or business-related career, it will give you the job-related experience, plus time to work on your personal educational goals.

You will not have to deal with the obligations of permanent employment either, and can choose when you are able to work and when you are unable. Some employers even let you work weekends if you like, something that is seldom allowed while abroad. The hardest part about working during the semester is juggling the shifts with studying, and many universities advise that you should not be working more than 15 hours per week.

While many part-time positions are available, Macys frequently employs seasonal positions, which may result in more permanent employment, if you need something more temp-like. There are job opportunities for part-time workers in data entry, shipping, and ridesharing, allowing you to work on your own schedule and quickly begin earning.